15 X-Ray Pictures of Plants By Aleks Reba

When I surf the internet, I found a brilliant set of X-Ray photos taken by Aleks Reba. I would say that these images keep my eyes for a moment. According to her, she wanted to take a deeper look at our beautiful nature. She thought that using X-Ray is a good idea to see the inside of beautiful Plants.

However, the problem was not having a proper X-Ray Machine that can be used to scan these Plants. However, out of dozen of institutes, one institute agreed to facilitate it.

After several attempts, she was able to come up with amazing results. These Images are acre created by using digital mammography.

With the above technology, we could see through all parts of the Plants which is amazing.



The process started with choosing plants. It’s important to collect the correct sizes of them. If not, after the X-Ray scan, the details of the plant’s integral parts may get lost.




























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