Dumb Cane Plants

Dumb Cane Plants: A Comprehensive Guide to Care and Maintenance

We all love to have indoor plants. They give us many benefits. Indoor plants help us relax our minds, provide us with fresh air, and elevate the natural energy within our homes. Just like that, dumb cane plants are also one of the most ideal indoor plants. It is easy to maintain dumb cane plants and even easier to grow dumb cane plants. 

So, if you are a plant lover, then this article is just for you. We are going to tell you how to take care of dumb cane plants and how to maintain dumb cane plants. After today, you will be able to have some beautiful dumb cane plants in your surroundings without going through too much hassle. We will explain all the easy steps to take care of dumb cane plants. So now let us get started on exploring how to care for dumb cane plants.

What Are Dumb Cane Plants?

The dumb cane plant is a very popular house plant. The scientific name of this plant is Dieffenbachia spp. This plant is considered to be a little toxic to humans and animals. Therefore, there are some precautions you have to take while having a dumb cane plant as your house plant.

Be especially mindful not to keep dumb cane plants within children’s reach. It can be risky if they try to bite into the leaves. The same goes with pets too. Also, dumb cane plants are not recommended to be kept inside the bedroom. It is better to have your dumb cane plants in an open space like your living area.

Can You Keep Dumb Cane Plants Indoors?

Dumb cane plants are perfect for being kept indoors. They only need low maintenance and are very easy to take care of. You can also keep them outdoors. But be careful not to keep them in too much direct sunlight. This plant species only requires medium light and medium temperatures. Therefore, make sure you do not burn the plant with too much direct heat.

What Is The Best Place To Keep Dumb Cane Plants?

You can keep your dumb cane plants in your living room. But it is better not to keep dumb cane plants inside your bedroom area. Dumb cane plants can be a little toxic to people and pets. Therefore, try to place it in a more open area rather than in a closed space like a bedroom.

It greatly improves air quality and filters the polluted air within your household. Therefore, do not just get rid of the idea of having dumb cane plants within your houseplants, but place them in an open space instead. It will not bring you any harm once you carefully maintain your dumb cane plants.

How Do I Water Dumb Cane Plants?

Usually, dumb cane plants do not want too much water. They can survive in less humidity as well. However, you have to water your dumb cane plants now and then to maintain their proper growth. Otherwise, your dumb cane plant might get weak.

The general rule for watering dumb cane plants is to water them one or two times a week. If you have larger plants, watering them twice a week is just fine. As I mentioned earlier as well. Dumb cane plants do not like too much moisture. Therefore, if you water them regularly, it will only discourage their growth.

How Much Sunlight Do Dumb Cane Plants Need?

After the watering process, the next thing you have to pay attention to is maintaining the correct temperature for dumb cane plants. It is also very important to provide the necessary amount of sunlight and heat for your dumb cane plants.

Here also, too much or too little sunlight and temperature will discourage the plant’s growth. It is okay to keep dumb cane plants in direct sunlight during the winter, but during the rest of the year, it is best to provide dumb cane plants with indirect sunlight. Dumb cane plants specifically thrive in low light unless it is winter.

Different Types Of Dumb Cane Plants

The dumb cane plant is a very unique and highly attractive plant. There are different categories for this plant, and each has its own unique nature. This plant is very popular as a houseplant due to several factors, such as its ease of care and ease of growth.

Let me show you some of the famous types of dumb cane plants that you can add to your home indoors.

  1. Compacta: this plant has yellowish leaves with some spots at the edges. This dumb cane plant variety is especially known for improving air quality.
  2. The second type of dumb cane plant is the tropic snow dieffenbachia plant. This one has bold variegation and much larger leaves that are broad and obvious. This one is suitable for a much larger space.
  3. The next type is the snow dieffenbachia plant. This one has white spots on the surface of its oval leaves, which is also the main reason for having it named Snow Dieffenbachia.
  4. Another famous type of dumb cane variety is maculata. This one is also called a tiki plant. This one also has large, significant leaves that bring much attractiveness to its kind.

How Do You Keep Your Dumb Cane Plant Healthy?

Usually, dumb cane plants are very easy to care for. They only need a little attention now and then, and they will thrive like a charm. But attending to them once in a while is a must. You cannot bring up a healthy dumb cane plant through negligence.

The first rule you have to follow when bringing up a dumb cane is not to overdo anything. For example, providing them with too much water and humidity is worse than providing them with enough water. It can adapt and survive in dry soil, but when there is too much humidity, the root system can get spoiled. Therefore, try not to overdo your care.

The usual tip for watering dumb cane is to keep the first couple of inches of the plant soil dry and only moisten the lower layers of your plant. Simply remember to keep your soil slightly moist, but never let it get soggy.

Regarding providing sunlight, a dumb cane can survive in shade, but it does not like full direct sunlight unless it is winter. Therefore, you may keep it indoors in your home without any issues.

How Do I Grow Dumb Cane Plants?

Usually, dumb cane only needs annual replanting. When the plant starts to outgrow the pot, you probably understand that it needs replanting. Here, what you have to do is unplug the plant completely from the soil by lifting it upright, and then remove any dead materials from the plant roots.

Later, rearrange your plant in a much larger container with some fresh potting soil and fertilizer. Splash some water on it and place it in a place where it will receive indirect, bright sunlight. With these small steps, you will have a happy dumb cane plant that is as good as new.

Is Dumb Cane Poisonous?

The dumb cane plant is a little bit poisonous and toxic. You have to be careful when bringing up a dumb cane plant in your house. especially if you have children and pets. Having contact with the leaves, chewing the leaves, and digesting the leaves can cause more complexity. Therefore, always keep your dumb cane plants out of reach of your children and pets. Also, remember to wash your hands with soap and water after attending to your dumb cane plant. Also, it is recommended to wear gloves when dealing with its leaves.

Is It Safe To Have A Dumb Cane In The House?

It is completely fine to have a dumb cane in the house. In fact, having a dumb cane in your house has so many benefits. For example, dumb canes have the ability to greatly improve the air quality of your surroundings. It refreshes the air in your household and brings up natural energy within the house.

Also, a dumb cane is a highly attractive plant species. You can place it in your living area to add some extra beauty to your interior. However, as I mentioned earlier, keeping a dumb cane inside your bedroom is not recommended due to its toxicity. But having them in your living area is not a problem at all.

The Best Fertilizer For Dumb Cane Plants

Dumb cane is considered a heavy-feeding plant. Because of this, it usually requires several fertilizing sessions per year. It is usually recommended to fertilize dumb cane plants every one and a half months. If you have a much larger plant with huge leaves and a root system, you will have to fertilize it every month. It is better to maintain your plant’s growth at a consistent level rather than replanting it once it gets weak. Therefore, pay attention to the plant’s details and signs of weakness and attend to them immediately.

You can use liquid fertilizer or crystal fertilizer for your dumb cane plants. Neem oil is also a simple starter fertilizer for a dumb cane. Apart from that, aquatic arts ficus plant food is a good fertilizer choice for your dumb cane plant. It is made with natural ingredients, and it is best to have healthy, green leaves.

How To Make Dumb Cane Bushy

If you need a bushy dumb cane plant instead of a dumb cane plant with thin, long leaves, there are some tips that you can follow. One thing you can do to help your dumb cane get bushy is pruning the leaves. This will encourage your dumb cane plant to get many bushy, green, thick leaves.

Also, if your plant has already grown too tall, you can simply cut it down from anywhere you like and then let it grow bushier. It is okay to cut your plant on the stem and let it grow back as long as you do not damage its roots.

How To Care For Dumb Cane Plants

If you want to take care of your dumb cane plants properly, follow all the tips and guidelines we have mentioned so far. It is really easy to bring up dumb cane plants, so if you are new to taking care of hedge plants, the dumb cane is a very good choice for you. The most important thing to remember is to provide the dumb cane with its necessary requirements, such as water, humidity, sunlight, and temperature. Too much or too little of any of these factors can damage the plant’s growth. We have recommended a suitable fertilizer for your dumb cane plants here, so make sure you fertilize your dumb cane plants at least once every two months. 

It is also easy to reproduce with dumb cane plants, and the replanting process is also really simple and easy. Therefore, try to have a dumb cane as your indoor plant if you do not already have one. Also, follow these guidelines to keep your dumb cane plant happy and healthy if you have one of these beauties already. However, make sure you keep one of these indoors to witness all of its benefits.


So far, we have discussed pretty much everything you need to know about taking care of your dumb cane plants. As we said earlier, taking care of a dumb cane is comparatively easy. They do not ask for too much of your attention and care. All you have to do is water the dumb cane occasionally when it shows signs of dryness and keep it in indirect sunlight, preferably within your household.

There are many benefits to having a dumb cane in your house, such as improving air quality and elevating natural energy. However, the dumb cane is a little toxic and has a bit of a poisonous nature. Therefore, be mindful not to keep it within children’s or animals’ reach. And remember to use gloves when making contact with the leaves.

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