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Greening Your Tiny Space: 15 Best Indoor Plants For Small Spaces

Indoor plants are our best friends. They take us a little bit closer to nature from the comfort of our house. There are many benefits to having indoor plants around us as well. There are numerous health benefits, visual benefits, and spiritual benefits as well. After counting all of them together, you will realize how nice it is to have some indoor plants in your household. Therefore, let us analyze some of the perfect indoor plants that you can have in your small household spaces. After going through this article, you do not have to worry about having limited space when having indoor plants. We will be advising you on how to select the perfect indoor plant for your small space. So without further delay, let us get started.

We will bring you the 15 most ideal house plants for your small space. And we will categorize them under several factors. You can select the one that is perfect for your condition. We will also provide you with some tricks and tips to take care of your houseplants easily without going through too much hassle.

The Best Houseplants For Beginners

If you do not have previous experience taking care of indoor plants, do not be alarmed. We will tell you exactly how to take care of houseplants from the very beginning. We will also recommend some of the easiest houseplants that you can try to maintain as a beginner. You can get some basic ideas about houseplants by taking care of these easy-going plants.

Small Indoor Plants That Prefers To Be In Low Light

By selecting the correct plant, you can make your space look wider and more spacious. The next thing you have to consider while selecting an indoor plant for a small space is whether it can survive in a space with limited ventilation. The small spaces do not have so much airflow that supports plant growth. Therefore, you need to select a plant that can adapt to these environmental conditions.

The Best Small Indoor Plants For Clean Air

Among all the benefits of having indoor plants, purifying the air is one of the most significant. There are some plants that purify the air better than others. And if you have limited space, it is better to select one of these plants. Because, usually, compact spaces have bad air. There is not much ventilation going on, and the air can be somewhat smelly as well. But having houseplants that clean your air will help you reduce these problems.

Now let us look at some of the plants that help you purify your air.

  1. Spider plants: this is a quickly growing, attractive indoor plant. You can also find occasional white flowers on this plant. Because of this plant’s cute, tiny size, it is ideal to have it in your small space. This plant also purifies the air greatly, so there is a double win. You should try having a spider plant as one of your indoor plants in your small space.
  2. English ivy: this is also a very good option for your small place. This plant tends to grow so well in any sort of environmental condition. This is another plant that purifies air so well.
  3. Money plant: this cute little one is so perfect to be kept in your small space. It is a very small but highly attractive indoor plant. You can even keep this cutie on your table or rack as well.
  4. Aloe vera: As we all know, aloe vera is such a versatile plant. It helps to clean our air and has many other benefits as well. Another thing about aloe vera is that it is a very easy-to-care-for plant. It will not take up too much of your time, so you can take care of it without too much trouble.

Indoor Plants For Very Small Pots

There are some plants that are smaller in size, but they need so much fertilizer and nutrients that you will have to take a large pot to plant them. Such that in order to fill so much potting soil, you have to take a larger pot. But it is impractical to have a large pot in a small space.  

  1. Painted leaf begonia: this is a very small plant with an attractive look. It has a beautiful color, which makes the plant very unique. This plant is perfect for a small space. But this plant is a little sensitive to environmental conditions around it. So it is better to study this plant to help its growth.
  2. Peperomia: This is also a very tiny, cute plant. The leaf is a little similar to that of the coin plant. This plant is also smaller in size, so it is a perfect fit for small spaces.
  3. Nerve plant: this plant also has its own unique look. It is very easy to identify this plant as well. This plant prefers high humidity, and constant watering is also needed. If you are taking care of this type of plant, you have to make sure these requirements are met.
  4. Moth orchid: They have nice flowers that will magically beautify your space. It is a little challenging to maintain moth orchids, so make sure you provide them with their needs on time to keep them happy.

Low-Maintenance Small Indoor Plants

If you are such a person with not have much time for your plants, then these plant types are just for you. You can try these plants to decorate your small space, but there are more. The plants we have mentioned below are also low-maintenance plants. This means they will take care of them by themselves without asking for too much of your time. 

  1. Cactus: Cactus is definitely a low-maintenance, easy-to-care-for plant. It adapts to any sort of environmental condition and survives in extreme weather. Due to these reasons, cactus is one of the easiest-to-care-for plants.
  2. Snake plant: this is also a very common type of low-maintenance plant. There are different types and categories of this plant, so you can select the one that suits your space. Also, this plant grows vertically, so you can place it in a sunny place.

Small Plants For The Bedroom

There are attractive indoor plants that help you have better sleep. You can have nice, regular hours of sleep by keeping these plants in your bedroom. We will introduce some of those plants that are ideal to keep in your bedroom. Also, we will only bring you plants that are smaller in size in order to fit in your small space.

  1. English ivy: this is a hanging type of attractive plant with cute little leaves. You can place it on your rack or keep it on a table as well. It only needs moderate light but prefers humidity. So constant watering is a must.
  2. Pathos: This is another great plant that helps you have a great sleep. You can keep this in your bedroom where there is low light.

Beautiful Small Indoor Plants

If you want the most attractive small indoor plant choices to decorate your space, even if it is a small space, do not worry; we have the perfect ideas for your preference as well. Let us look at some of the house plants that have a very unique and attractive look.

  1. Baby tears: just like its name, this plant is also very cute and attractive. You can choose this plant to add uniqueness to your small space. Its tiny leaves have a very charming, soothing look that elevates the overall look of your space.
  2. Strings of Pearls: This plant is also a little similar to the baby tears. You can either plant it in a hanging bucket or place it in a pot. This plant is also smaller in size, so you can pick this one to decorate your small space.
  3. Air plant: this is also one of the most unique types of indoor plants. This plant does not need potting soil or anything else. It just grows by itself. You can simply arrange it in a basket, and it will simply grow in it.

Indoor Plants Caretaking

If you are an indoor plant caretaker, you already know that it is quite a challenging job. especially if you are taking care of those sensitive plants. You have to provide them with their needs and requirements; otherwise, the plant could turn sad and unhappy, eventually dying. In order to prevent this from happening, what you can do is study the plant and understand its signs. Then you can tend to your plant before it gets sick.

And if you are a beginner, it is best to select an easy-care plant. That way, you will not have to face many of the complexities that come with caring for indoor plants. We have given you some of the examples for easiest types of houseplants. They only need very little care to no care at all. By taking care of these plants for a start you can have a basic idea about house plants maintenance.

Tips To Maintain Healthy Indoor Plants

If you want to maintain healthy indoor plants, the biggest tip is to manage water and light requirements. And occasional fertilizing should not be forgotten either. Such that you can keep your plant healthy and happy by providing them with these requirements.

Also, study the pest problems that usually come with houseplants as well. Also, have some idea about how to avoid having such conditions beforehand. Such that you will not have to worry so much about destroying pest issues once you take care of them beforehand.

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Small Space Management With Indoor Plants

All the plants we have brought to you in this article are smaller in size. Therefore, all these choices are ideal for your small space. By selecting the correct plant, you can also make your space look wider and more spacious. So it is not always about occupying your space but also magnifying your space when selecting the right plant.


Indoor plants bring us so many advantages including purifying the air, elevating the natural energy, and adding extra beauty to our space. But if you only have limited space, you may think having indoor plants is impossible. But it is not the case all the time. On such occasions, you can go for small indoor plants. Small indoor plants are just as good as any other plants. They occupy less space and will not give you too much trouble. These plants are also easy to carry and replace. Due to these reasons, you can try having small indoor plants in your limited space.

We have given you some of the options that you can try to have under several categories. You can pick the ones that suit your condition.

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