Monstera Adansonii Care Guide

Monstera Adansonii Care Guide | Watering, Propagation & Fertilizing

Welcome to my Blog & this is going to be my very first post about indoor plants.

I am planning to talk about Monstera Adansonii and I’m so sure that you have seen this beautiful plan everywhere.

Because they are just so beautiful and they have this very unique look. I am so adored by this plant. Their leaf is so cute like a lot of holes and looks so different from any other plant.


Let’s talk about the sunlight. The way I handle monster Adansonii is pretty much like the way that I handle Monstera Deliciosa. Because they are the same family.

So, they are pretty much the same. They don’t like very bright sunlight that they cannot handle.

Especially in this winter time, if you are going to open the window or the door, you should not keep your plant next to that door and window.

Because they can damage. Because especially, this monster is a dissonant leaf & is very delicate and very thin. So that they cannot handle very cold or very hot drafts.

But they can tolerate medium to low in direct sunlight which is perfect for them. I keep it in my window actually in this wintertime.

But, I keep that next to the window. Because here we don’t have much sunlight in the whole day for many months. But in the summer you might want to bring back your plant to where a little bit of shady area.


Monstera Adansonii doesn’t like white soil & they don’t like wet feet. I water them only once in two weeks. Sometimes once every three weeks.

I also use this kind of moisture meter and I keep about two to three which is perfect condition.

moisture meter

I never allow my soil to go up to five. But in the summer, you might want it to water a little bit frequently because of a lot of sunlight.

So, water can evaporate faster than in winter. Just remember not to water them very often in this wintertime.

But in the summertime, you can water them frequently. If you don’t have a moisture meter then you can just simply use your finger and poke it into the soil and tell two to three knuckle and feel it.

If the pot is very small, the finger test is pretty much fine. But if the pot is very big, then I suggest you use a meter.

You can also use a bamboo test or a wood stick test which is also useful.

Best Soil Mix for Monstera Adansonii

For the soil mix, I am using the same as I use for the Monstera Deliciosa.

I recommend 40% of normal planting soil and about 40% of compost bark and about 20% of perlite.

But, you don’t need to follow the same percentages. Because this totally depends. Where you live and what kind of environment you have, so that you can play around with this.

It depends on how often you like to water your plants. if you like watering your Plant very often, then I suggest adding more perlite or more bark.

I like to take care of my plant. But, I want to make sure that my plants are totally dry between watering. So, I use less potting soil. Because as you know the soil sucks up a lot of water and they are very dense.

I don’t want to get risk a root rot problem. Especially for the array family, they don’t want their soil to be very wet and very moist.

best Soil Mix

I am going to propagate the Monstera Adansonii plant. But, I know that this is winter right now. So I don’t want to make any propagation to my plant. Because I don’t want to stress them out.

But when I see my Monstera Adansonii plants, they are growing even in the winter time. As you can see below picture, they are not actually sleeping this winter month & they are still growing & still active.

Monstera Adansonii growing fast

So, I am sure that I can make propagation for those plants. I don’t think I am going to stress them out.

Monstera Adansonii Propagation

So, I wanted to make propagation for this Monstera Adansonii. The propagation of all of this plant family is super easy.

All you have to do is, find a vein and find a note in that vein and make a cut a few centimeters below, then keep them in the water or you can also directly grow them into the soil.

Let’s do it

I am going to make a cutting of this vein.  so I’m going to cut under these four knuckle.

You can cut a few centimeters below.

I just cut. If you want, you can also just grow it as it is.

I wanted to cut it to single nodes so that they will grow faster. Now, I got three nodes. Now, I am going to leave them in the water.

After three to four weeks, then you will start to see very tiny roots. After you see it, the root system is started to develop more than four to five inches.

Then you are ready to move to the soil and grow them in the soil. Then they will grow faster.

After that, you can keep this in your living area. But make sure that they are not reaching the right sunlight which may damage your plant.


I use Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food (Liquid) fertilizer or liquid fertilizer for all of my plants.

But, be mindful when you choose a new fertilizer as there are so many products in the market. Some are good and some may harm your plant too.

In the winter months, I don’t use any fertilizer. But in the summer I am going to give them fertilizer once a month from about April to September.

Use one cup of liquid fertilizer and mix with two liters of water and give it to your plant.

You might see some of the yellow leaves. You know, all the leaves start to get yellow, especially the old leaf. You can just cut them off. In the wintertime that happened that’s very normal.

But as long as you know, the new leaf is happy and healthy then you are good.

I will meet you with the next article.

Be happy with your plants.


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